Unveiling Them -- Poisoning of Mankind


United States Population Numbers as of April 2014
Calculation of Actual numbers uses the Official Census Estimate numbers, minus US Armed Forces Overseas. 

There are reportedly 417 thousand US Armed Forces Overseas.


Official: The official number is currently 318 million.


Actual: The actual number is tracking close to 214 million, and the predetermined population numbers may be reached at any time now -- the precise hour set in place by the Father long ago. Refer to the Population Reduction Chart for population estimates.

Target: 213,853,410 (Resident population minus the 417 thousand U.S. Armed Forces overseas.)


200,000,000: Iron Poisoned/Copper Depleted Blood Types of A, B, &O - those who do not belong to them.

14,270,410: The 6.66% that have normal healthy Blood Type AB, those who belong to them in the United States. One third of their total numbers are in the U.S. . Their numbers total approximately 1% of world population numbers: 42.811 Million. The world population is closer to 4 billion, not 7 billion.


Calculate their number using actual population numbers and percentage countdown. That is when the poisoned blood types reach 200,000,000 and blood type AB is 6.66 %: (214,270,410 - 200,000,000)/N = 6.66 % (N = Actual population numbers)



The number of the mounted troops was 200 million. I heard their number.


Warning to Those Trying to Change the Set Times